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SEO Methods and Techniques for Improve Ranking

Search engine optimization is divided in two part first is ON page and second is OFF Page. First I would like to mention about On page techniques in search engine optimization- we can say that on page is the seed of SEO, without doing on page we can’t get result in search engine optimization. In order to search ranking in major search engine you should try to put ON Page information in proper way like!!
  • Meta tag 
  • Proper use header tag
  • Alt Attribute on images
  • Title attributes on link
  • Xml sitemap
  • Relevant content
  • Link Building
Off page techniques in (SEO) - Provides a vital role in the sphere of search engine optimization. Off page techniques helps in bringing in what is known as the organic traffic. Organic traffic refers to the net users who catch the sites through search engine. Most important SEO techniques increase websites ranking in search engine
·        Publish e book
·        Blogging.
·        Use wiki links.  
·        Use track backs
·        Use content link with authority sites
·        Fix broken links.
Off page SEO holds a great role. Off page techniques brings organic traffic that is the people who search the sites through search engine. If prosodies numbers of ways to get fast ranking, like article submission, directory submission, forum posting, etc.  
Basic SEO strategies – Search engine optimization provider various ways for those people want get fast ranking in major search engine. So if you are growing your business through Internet, looking your desire (SEO) plays important role make visible site in search engine.     
·        Try to write good content that attracts more visitors.
·        Develop link building and SEO white hat techniques.
·        Keep in touch with users with social networking sites.
·        Follow text variation methods.